Tactical Medic Simulation Kit

Tactical Medic Simulation Kit

Casualty Simulation


1 x Large Laceration
2 x Medium Lacerations
2 x Small Lacerations
1 x Crease
1 x Massive Bullet Wound
1 x Shotgun Injury (pellets)
1 x Ragged Bullet Wound
1 x Large Bullet Wound
1 x Small Bullet 1
1 x Small Bullet 2
8 x Small Laceration (Fragmentation)
1 x 50mm Incision
1 x 25mm Incision
1 x large Open Fracture
1 x Small Open Fracture
1 x Abdominal Wound




Firm ‘10 shore A’ platinum silicone rubber

Suitable uses

Designed for first aid training situations; the appliances come in the colour of your choice with the areas of detail already painted, so they can be used without further colouring by you if that suits your purpose.

If you require a mixture of the 4 available colours within the kit please contact us to specify. Reusable pieces come with an elasticated, adjustable strap.

Dimensions (mm)

Please see individual product dimensions for details.

Colour choice

Pale Flesh/Medium Flesh/ Warm Flesh/Dark Flesh/Assorted

Delivery Information

 UK Europe
 £17.00 £45.00 

All prices subject to VAT.

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Adhesives and blood products

£280.00 + VAT

Ready Made Prosthetics

Easy to apply, professional grade appliances for make-up FX and casualty simulation. Ideal for screen and theatrical use including HD filming, and in injury training situations. Made in durable silicones, each prosthetic comes in a choice of four colours and many can be supplied as single-use or re-usable pieces.

Single use prosthetics are cast in a super soft platinum silicone gel with a polyurethane cap plastic skin, which allows the edges to be blended into the skin with alcohol.

Re-usable prosthetics are cast in a tougher, ‘10 shore A’ platinum silicone rubber and are not designed to be blended into the skin. Instead these tougher rubber appliances can be cleaned and re-used multiple times, and are perfect for on-screen battle simulation or for simulating injuries and trauma for training purposes.

Bulk ordering information for EMTs, productions, companies and colleges

Coded casualty simulation product chart for EMT / company ordering systems if required


Abdominal Wound

£59.95 + VAT

Bullet Wound Set

£49.95 + VAT

Bullet Wounds Entry

£33.75 + VAT

Bullet Wounds Exit

£31.75 + VAT

Fight Wounds

£43.75 + VAT

Fragmentation Set

£34.95 + VAT

Incision Set

£29.95 + VAT

Laceration Set

£44.95 + VAT

Large Open Fracture

£59.95 + VAT

Long Stitched Wound

£32.00 + VAT

LX Stitch

£35.00 + VAT

Massive Bullet Wound

£34.95 + VAT

Medium Laceration Set

£34.95 + VAT

Shotgun Wound

£27.00 + VAT

Slash Throat Set

£36.25 + VAT

Slice Wound Large

£30.75 + VAT

Small Open Fracture

£49.95 + VAT

SY Stitch Set

£32.00 + VAT

Old Age


Monster Spine Large

£32.50 + VAT

Monster Spine Small

£30.75 + VAT

Vampire Brow

£38.00 + VAT

Werewolf Full Face 1

£80.00 + VAT

Werewolf Full Face 2

£80.00 + VAT

Werewolf Snout, Small

£45.00 + VAT

Zombie 1

£60.00 + VAT

Zombie 2

£75.00 + VAT


Boil Set Large Sizes

£44.25 + VAT

Boil Set Small Sizes

£44.50 + VAT

Fat Cheek Set

£52.50 + VAT

Fat Neck 1

£42.50 + VAT