Customers' Ready Made Prosthetics Gallery

We are always pleased to see the results of projects done with our ready made prosthetics. Here are some great examples of how our appliances are being used.

If you would like to submit photographs for this gallery please email us

Silicone Ageing Make-Up

23 Mar 2015

This beautiful ageing look was created and painted by make-up FX artist Clare Ramsey assisted by Robb Crafer. It was done using 5 of our silicone old age appliances.

clare ramsey copy 2.jpg
clare ramsey copy.jpg
clare ramsey.jpg

'Beauty and the Beast' inspired character make-up

23 Mar 2015

This great character make-up was done by make-up FX artist Danny Marie Elias using our vampire brow appliance. Modelled by Malcolm Modèle and photographed by Kiri Nicholetts.


Old age hands by Courtney Hudson

17 Jun 2014

Beautifully detailed ageing work by Courtney Hudson for her final assessment as a student at ACMUSE in Australia. The project showed the same character at three ages in different time periods. The final stage was as a Grandma in the present time, and she used the old age hands from our ready made prosthetics range to create the ageing of the hands.

gran 1.jpg
gran 2.jpg
gran 3.jpg

Self-applied ageing

04 Feb 2014

This make-up was created using our complete old age set and old age hands (medium). These are complemented by ageing contact lenses and moustache from Charles H Fox Ltd and a professional full lace wig from The Wig Store. This well applied, believable look was done by our customer Fran P, who is an amateur make-up artist and applied the pieces to himself - what a fantastic result!

image001-1 copy.jpg
image002-1 copy.jpg
image003 copy.jpg

Skateboarding Grannies

07 Aug 2013

Two old age make-ups on skateboarders in their 20's, created entirely from a mixture of ready made appliances for a commercial advertising Yorn/Vodafone Portugal.


Complete Female Ageing

16 Jul 2013

Ageing make-up created by Neill Gorton using the following ready made pieces: Female Old Age Cheeks 3, Female Old Age Forehead, Female Old Age Neck and Female Old Age Chin (all coming soon).

ageing 1.jpg
ageing 2.jpg

Large Boils demonstrated at IMATS London

24 Jun 2013

MFX Warehouse's 'Boil Set Large Sizes' applied by Rob Mayor on the Millennium FX stand at IMATS London 2013. The picture on the right of the finished look was taken 24 HOURS after it was applied, so these pieces are very hard wearing!!


Ageing make-up class in San Francisco

06 Jun 2013

Class taught by Danny Wagner and Academy Award winner Stephan Dupuis for make-up union Local 706, using MFX Warehouse ageing appliances


The Wombats

06 Jun 2013

Music promo for indie band The Wombats, created with MFX Warehouse generic stock appliances


Demonstration at IMATS LA

06 Jun 2013

Old age make-up composed entirely of MFX Warehouse ready made appliances, demonstrated by Rob Mayor at IMATS in Pasadena, June 2012


Chernobyl Diaries

15 May 2013

Dog bite and compound fracture effect compiled from a selection of ready made pieces (below right) for the movie 'Chernobyl Diaries' (2012)

chernobyl diaries 2.jpg
chernobyl diaries.jpg

Character make-up by BLUE WHALE STUDIOS inc, Florida

15 May 2013

Transformation character make-up for a pilot TV show created using a selection of MFX Warehouse appliances

bluewhale 4.png