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Easy to apply, professional grade appliances for make-up FX. Ideal for screen and theatrical use including HD filming. Made in durable silicones, these are single use pieces and come in a choice of four colours.

These prosthetics are cast in a super soft platinum silicone gel with a polyurethane cap plastic skin, which allows the edges to be blended into the skin with alcohol.

Monster Spine Large

£32.50 + VAT

Monster Spine Small

£30.75 + VAT

Vampire Brow

£38.00 + VAT

Werewolf Full Face 1

£80.00 + VAT

Werewolf Full Face 2

£80.00 + VAT

Werewolf Snout, Small

£45.00 + VAT

Zombie 1

£60.00 + VAT

Zombie 2

£75.00 + VAT