Compilation set - Creating Character Prosthetics in Silicone

Compilation set - Creating Character Prosthetics in Silicone

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Subjects covered:

DVD 1. Preparing and Moulding the Lifecast

Subjects covered:

  • Cleaning and correcting a lifecast
  • Mounting and preparing the lifecast for moulding
  • Making a master negative mould in silicone and fiberglass

DVD 2. Preparing for and Sculpting the Prosthetic Appliance

Subjects covered:

  • Casting out a positive cast
  • Sculpting the prosthetic appliance
  • Moulding for overlapping appliances

DVD 3. Moulding the Prosthetic Sculpture

Subjects covered:

  • Moulding the lip appliance
  • Moulding the head sculpture in fiberglass
  • Preparing pour tubes and bleeders in the mould
  • Applying the silicone encapsulate

DVD 4. Casting, Finishing and Application

Subjects covered:

  • Casting the appliance
  • Seaming and painting
  • Application of the prosthetic
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Creating Character Prosthetics in Silicone - 4 Part Series