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Easy to apply, professional grade appliances for make-up FX and casualty simulation. Ideal for screen and theatrical use including HD filming and in injury training situations. Made in durable silicones, each prosthetic comes in a choice of four colours and many can be supplied as single-use or re-usable pieces.

Single use prosthetics are cast in a super soft platinum silicone gel with a polyurethane cap plastic skin, which allows the edges to be blended into the skin with alcohol.

Re-usable prosthetics are cast in a tougher, ‘10 shore A’ platinum silicone rubber and are not designed to be blended into the skin. Instead these tougher rubber appliances can be cleaned and re-used multiple times and are perfect for on-screen battle simulation or for simulating injuries and trauma for training purposes.

Bulk ordering information for EMTs, productions, companies and colleges

Coded casualty simulation product chart for EMT / company ordering systems if required

Abdominal Wound

£59.95 + VAT

Bullet Wound Set

£49.95 + VAT

Bullet Wounds Entry

£33.75 + VAT

Bullet Wounds Exit

£31.75 + VAT

Fight Wounds

£43.75 + VAT

Fragmentation Set

£34.95 + VAT

Incision Set

£29.95 + VAT

Laceration Set

£44.95 + VAT

Large Open Fracture

£59.95 + VAT

Long Stitched Wound

£32.00 + VAT

LX Stitch

£35.00 + VAT

Massive Bullet Wound

£34.95 + VAT

Medium Laceration Set

£34.95 + VAT

Shotgun Wound

£27.00 + VAT

Slash Throat Set

£36.25 + VAT

Slice Wound Large

£30.75 + VAT

Small Open Fracture

£49.95 + VAT

SY Stitch Set

£32.00 + VAT